Everything You Need to Know About Video Creation and Video Business at EMPAC


In today's digital age, where screens of all sizes dominate our daily lives, video content stands out as the most engaging and influential medium. From the short clips that go viral on social media to the high-quality productions we binge on streaming platforms, video continues to be the frontrunner in content consumption. With this surge in demand, there's a growing need for professionals skilled in both video creation and the business side of the industry. EMPAC’s comprehensive course in Video Creation and Video Business is tailored to address this very need.

Starting From Scratch

One of the standout features of EMPAC's program is its inclusivity. The course welcomes students from all backgrounds, whether they are complete novices with just an inkling of interest or semi-professionals looking to refine their skills. Students are taken on a journey that starts at the very beginning, covering the foundational aspects of video creation. This includes understanding the history of video production, the myriad types of videos, and the indispensable role of video in our contemporary digital landscape.

Technical Mastery

Beyond the theoretical foundation, EMPAC places strong emphasis on technical proficiency. Students dive deep into the nitty-gritty of video production: mastering advanced camera techniques, understanding the nuances of lighting and sound design, and honing editing skills across various software platforms such as After Effects, VideoScribe, and InVideo. The curriculum ensures that by the end, students are adept at handling both the artistic and technical challenges of creating captivating videos.

Business Acumen

Creating a video is just one part of the equation. The true challenge often lies in navigating the business side of the industry. EMPAC’s course offers invaluable insights into this arena. From building a robust portfolio and understanding market research to forging client relationships and managing video projects, students are equipped with the knowledge and tools to monetize their skills. This comprehensive approach ensures that they're not just creators but savvy businesspersons.

Staying Relevant in a Dynamic Industry

The world of video is ever-evolving. What's trendy today might be passé tomorrow. EMPAC’s curriculum reflects this dynamism, incorporating the latest trends and techniques in both creation and business. By the end of the course, students aren't just prepared for the industry as it stands but are also equipped to adapt and thrive in its future iterations.


EMPAC’s Video Creation and Video Business course is a holistic program designed for the ambitious and the curious. Whether you envision yourself creating the next viral video, launching a successful YouTube channel, or managing large-scale video projects for global brands, EMPAC provides the roadmap to your goals.


For a more detailed look into what the course offers, the comprehensive curriculum is provided below.

Video Creation and Video Business Curriculum

I. Introduction to Video Creation

1.    Understanding Video Media

·        History of Video Production

·        Different Types of Videos

·        Importance of Video in Today's Digital Age

2.    Basics of Video Production

·        Camera Basics

·        Framing and Composition

·        Basic Lighting Concepts

·        Sound Fundamentals

3.    Storytelling with Video

·        Elements of a Good Story

·        Scriptwriting Basics

·        Storyboarding and Planning

II. Intermediate Video Creation

1.    Advanced Camera Techniques

·        Manual Settings

·        Movement Techniques

·        Depth of Field and Focusing

2.    Lighting and Sound Design

·        Advanced Lighting and Sound Equipment

·        Sound Design for Atmosphere

3.    Introduction to Video Editing Software

·        After Effects Basics

·        VideoScribe Introduction

·        InVideo Overview

III. Advanced Video Creation

1.    Advanced Editing Techniques

·        Multi-camera Editing

·        Visual Effects in After Effects

2.    Motion Graphics and Visual Effects with After Effects

·        Animation

·        Keying and Compositing

3.    Whiteboard and Animated Videos with VideoScribe

·        Scripting and Designing

4.    Quick Video Creation with InVideo

·        Utilizing and Customizing Templates

Project: Complete Movie Editing

  • From Raw Footage to a Finished Film
  • Sound Design, Color Grading, and Post-production

IV. Introduction to Video Business

1.    Market Research

·        Analyzing Video Trends

2.    Building a Portfolio

·        Importance and Selection

3.    Freelancing vs. Production Company

·        Business Basics

V. Intermediate Video Business

1.    Client Relationships

·        Finding, Pitching, and Contracts

2.    Project Management

·        Budgeting and Scheduling

3.    Monetizing Video Content

·        YouTube, Facebook, and Other Platforms

·        Ad Revenue and Sponsorships

Project: Starting a Video Business on YouTube

  • Channel Creation and Branding
  • Content Strategy and Consistency
  • Audience Engagement and Growth Strategies

VI. Advanced Video Business

1.    Brand and Marketing Strategy

·        Personal Branding and SEO

·        Social Media and Content Marketing

2.    Scaling and Expansion

·        Hiring and Investing

3.    Legal and Ethical Considerations

·        Copyright and Licensing

Project: Becoming an Influencer through Video Business

  • Building an Authentic Brand
  • Collaborations and Networking
  • Navigating Brand Ambassadorial Deals

VII. Monetization and Marketing

1.    Platform-Specific Monetization

·        YouTube Monetization: Ads, Super Chats, Channel Memberships

·        Facebook Ad Breaks and Fan Subscriptions

·        Other Platform Opportunities

2.    Influencer Marketing and Brand Deals

·        Pitching to Brands

·        Negotiating and Understanding Contracts

·        Delivering on Brand Expectations

3.    Becoming an Ambassador and Influencer

·        Understanding Influencer Marketing

·        Building and Leveraging an Audience

·        Maintaining Authenticity



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