Pearl Bese: Empac's Teen Tech Prodigy Revolutionizing the IT World


Empac – Emperors Academy in Akatsi proudly spotlights one of our most extraordinary talents, Pearl Bese. At just 15, Pearl exemplifies the transformative power of quality IT education. Her journey at Empac, begun in 2023, has already seen remarkable achievements and sets an inspiring example for aspiring tech enthusiasts, especially in regions where IT education is often male-dominated.

Pearl's academic foundation was laid at St. Thomas R.C Basic School in Avenorpeme, Volta region. After completing her basic education, she joined Empac, embarking on an IT course that has rapidly propelled her from a novice to a tech savvy professional. Empac, known for its comprehensive IT curriculum, nurtures students from the grassroots. Starting with Computer Basics, Fundamentals of Computing, and Introduction to Application Skills, we ensure a solid foundation for our students.

Pearl’s journey through foundational courses like Microsoft Office Suite and operating systems installation was just the beginning. She soon advanced to more complex subjects such as Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Blogging, Videography, Digital Marketing, and more. Her proficiency with Blogger and WordPress CMS is evident in her first blog,, a personal platform reflecting her growing expertise.

Her rapid progress is remarkable. Within a few months at Empac, Pearl has completed 22 IT projects for 18 satisfied clients, ranging from web and graphic design to comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. Her skills are not just technical; Pearl demonstrates a deep understanding of the customer life cycle, from awareness to post-purchase stages, essential in crafting strategic marketing plans.


Pearl’s achievements at Empac are not just academic. Having won 5 awards, she stands as a testament to what young minds can achieve with the right guidance and opportunities. Her ability to develop professional digital marketing plans, integrate traditional marketing into digital strategies, and manage online reputations makes her a valuable asset to any business.

Despite her young age and being on the cusp of high school, Pearl’s skills rival those of seasoned professionals. Her understanding of content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more, positions her not just as a student but as a burgeoning professional ready to make a significant impact in the IT industry.

Empac takes pride in nurturing talents like Pearl. Our academy is committed to developing tech titans, equipping them with skills to excel as effective and productive employees in any workplace. Pearl’s story is a shining example of the heights our students can reach and serves as a beacon for potential students and employers alike.

We highly recommend Pearl to employers seeking an outstanding IT talent. Her journey is a testament to Empac’s dedication to excellence in IT education. For those aspiring to chart a similar course, Empac – Emperors Academy is your gateway to a world of opportunities in the IT sector. Join us, and let us prepare you to become an IT expert in a competitive job market.

For further information about our programs and admissions, feel free to reach out to Empac at 0244122596 or 0503951708. Apply now to be part of our next intake and embark on your journey to IT mastery with Empac – where future tech leaders are born.



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