Empac's Rising Star: Adjavon Seraphine Selinam - Shaping the Future of IT


In the heart of Akatsi lies Empac – Emperors Academy, a beacon of technological education, where a remarkable student, Adjavon Seraphine Selinam, is making waves. At just 20, Seraphine exemplifies what it means to be a young, ambitious woman thriving in the IT world, a domain often dominated by males, especially in Ghana.

Seraphine's journey began in 2023 when she transitioned from a General Arts student at Awudome Senior High School to Empac. Despite being a novice in IT, her eagerness to learn and adapt was evident from the start. Empac's curriculum, designed to transform beginners into experts, began with foundational courses covering Computer Basics, Fundamentals of Computing, and Application Skills. Essential skills like Microsoft Office Suite and operating system installations formed the bedrock of her IT education.

As Seraphine progressed, she delved into advanced courses like Adobe Photoshop Graphic, Web Design, Blogging, Videography, and various facets of Digital Marketing. Remarkably, she mastered content creation using generative AI, a skill that positions her at the forefront of modern technology.

Her practical prowess is showcased through projects like www.pixpivot.com, a financial blog, and www.seraphineadjavon.blogspot.com, a personal portfolio blog. These are not just websites; they are testaments to her skill in using platforms like Blogger and WordPress CMS.


Within months, Seraphine's growth was exponential. From an IT novice to a professional ready for the job market, her story is not just inspiring but also breaks the stereotypes in the Ghanaian IT landscape.

Seraphine's academic excellence at Empac is undeniable. With 11 awards and 55 IT projects for 48 clients, she has proven her mettle in Web and Graphic Design, Content Creation, and Digital Marketing.

But Seraphine's expertise doesn't stop there. She excels in developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, seamlessly integrating traditional and digital marketing to elevate businesses. Her understanding of the customer lifecycle, from awareness to post-purchase, enables her to craft strategies that not only attract but also retain clients.

Content marketing, a crucial aspect of online visibility, is another area where Seraphine shines. With her deep understanding of online reputation, she can manage and enhance the digital presence of businesses.

Despite her young age, Seraphine's skills make her an invaluable asset to any organization. She embodies the essence of a well-rounded IT professional, capable of handling technical tasks, web and graphic design, and comprehensive digital marketing.

Seraphine's story is more than just a personal success; it's a call to action for potential students. Empac – Emperors Academy is not just educating students; it's nurturing the next generation of tech titans, ready to make a significant impact in the workplace.

For those inspired by Seraphine's journey and eager to carve their path in IT, Empac offers the perfect platform. By enrolling at Empac, you too can acquire top-notch IT skills that will enhance your employability in a competitive job market.

Empac proudly recommends Adjavon Seraphine Selinam as an outstanding student and a testament to the academy's commitment to excellence. Her achievements and skills are a beacon for all aspiring IT professionals, especially in a landscape that needs more female representation. 

Feel free to reach out to EMPAC at either 0244122596 or 0503951708 for further information.

To join this transformative journey and become an IT expert, click the link below and apply for admission at Empac. Join us, and let's prepare you for a successful career in IT.



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